Friday, 17 November 2017

kates 3d printing design

This is my design for an iphone case. The first thing we had to do was make a box the size of a phone. Then we made a chamfer and fillets on the edges. A chamfer is a straight cornered edge. The fillet edge is a curved corner as you can see on the corners of my design.

 You need a box shape and also you need a cylinder-hole. Next I put the cylinder in the corner then I duplicated the corner x4 and put it on the edge and turned it into a round edge and now it in the shape of a phone case. After we made the case we put holes in it because you need a hole to see the camera.

 They were really confusing to make because you had to get the right shapes and and the right size so it wouldn't be too small. The 3d printers must not have got the design because the first two printings had not worked it had turned into scribbles but jordan's worked. To make this iphone case I had to use the app tinkercad. To use tinkercad you had to control the shapes it was really fun. Thank you to a guy called fashied he taught us how to program and make the designs for the 3d printers. The easiest part was when the 3d printer was printing because I didn't have to program it I just had to watch it.

 The next time I do another 3d printing I will make my phone case with the buttons or I will make a different design and the design will be a rubix cube. For my rubix cube I would make it blue and add colorful stickers because rubix cubes need stickers to solve the rubix cube.

Friday, 22 September 2017

verbal Bullying

Ava, Reagan, Isla and I made a comercial about verbal bullying . we  enterd it into a competition for the best verbal bullying video. we used some key messages like what can you do to make it stop.

Friday, 25 August 2017

stage fright

                            Stage fright

Every word I pass it feels  like a huge victory as I stare at the humongous crowd screaming inside, getting closer to the end.

I have this fear. It causes my voice to get deeper. I break out in sweaty hands  speeding up and rushing through my presentation as thought of looking at the audience and losing were im at. My stomach is in knots and my hearts racing. Well i really wish i wasn't stage fright

Monday, 7 August 2017

 In class we have 2 3d printers for two weeks, the colors we can choose from are pink, blue and black.
On the website Tinkercad we had to design a key ring.

I chose the colour blue for my key ring and for the glasses I chose black. I think the 3D printers is like a giant hot glue gun because it's plastic and it melts.  I am enjoying the 3D printers because I have never used one before and I think they are amazing.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Thursday, 8 June 2017

3 way conference

this slide presentation is for our three way conference. The purpose for the 3 way conference is to sharing my learning to my family. I was nervous at first but I got through it and my parents are happy how I'm working.