Thursday, 15 March 2018


WALT: find a fraction of a whole number Show your working out below or on a separate slide Example: ⅔ of 21=14 21➗3=7 7x2=14 1) Find 1/3 of 21 = w➗d=7xn=7 which means 7/3 2) Find 1/5 of 60= 3) Find 6 /10 of 60= 4) Find 6/8 of 96 = 5) Find 2/ 3 of 36 = 6) Find 3 /8 of 32= 7) Find 1/4 of 44 = 8) Find 2/10 of 220 = 9) Find 7/8 of 40= 10) Find 1/10 of 80 =

What  I am doing in my maths is finding a fraction of a whole number

Friday, 2 March 2018

Bread Making

In my class we made bread me and my group experimented what would  happen when the yeast goes into hand and what  happened was the yeast made the bread expand so it would be a lot bigger. It was fun making bread hopefully I could make it in the future. after we made the bread we ate it and talked about physical and chemical changes one of them was when gas is given off its a chemical change because you cant undo it .

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

I am addicted to chocolate

I am crazy about food especially chocolate
I am addicted to binge watching stranger things
I never tire of hanging out with my best friend we always have conversations in my mirror
I can consume a whole block of chocolate in minutes
I wear my purple nike shirt and my black puma tights all the time
I love to be crazy silly and out there
I like to do taekwondo on a monday and wednesdays
I like to care and look after my family and friends

By kate

Monday, 19 February 2018

all about me

All about me 
Hi everybody my name is kate, I am 10 years old and I live in nz and im based in  auckland I do taekwondo and I used to dance  at stewart dance studios and I also use to do girl guides  at the hall next to my school which is papakura central school.
I am now officially in my school holidays and I can finally not worry about getting up at 6 30 in the morning to do my jobs and get ready for school and now my teacher does not have to put up with me anymore. At my school in 2017 I had one job and joined two performance groups, my job was being a gear shed monitor and the performance groups I was in was kapa haka and dance. I have enjoyed 2017 it has been a great year. I hope you enjoyed that little information ready for the rest? Ok let's get into it.

Back at my house I have a busy Mum a work all day Dad and a stupid annoying brother and then there's me. My Mum is busy always because she works as a hairdresser at home well cooking dinner doing the laundry cleaning the house, taking care of us and so much more, Some days I feel bad for my mum I wish I could help more but I don't know where to start our house is so reckless and reasonably tidy ( thanks mum) also i forgot to menchon my mums name is Debbie. Now onto my dad, my dad is usually at work for 24/7 he gets up at 5.30 or 6.30 and gos to his works which is norwood's and gets home at 5.30 at night which leaves enough time for me my brother and my dad to go to  taekwondo cause it starts at 6 on a monday and wednesday  usually when my dads home on a saturday or sunday he's doing outside work like weeding the garden mowing the laws or fixing something also my dads name is steve. Now onto my brother my brother does the same routine as me gets up at 6.00/6.30 and does his jobs and gets ready for school although we do go to different schools next year in 2018 my brother will be a year 8 at rosehill intermediate and i will be a year 6 at my school. When my brother gets home he eats plays his games which is a ps4 and sleeps you know he's a typical lazy boy although he is a good brother to me and i love him as much as i love my parents i will never have a favorite in the family oh actually my favorite in my family is myself nah just joke by the way my brothers name is john. Now onto my dogs first bart he is my oldest dog he is 13 years old and all he does is eats sleeps and sleeps more! Well he has a excuse he is tired and old and has a little bit of arthritis in his back legs so yeah leave him be. second my dog diesel he is 1 and a half years old he is active outside sometimes and eats and sleeps jeez dogs and there sleeping and eating these days what's your excuse diesel. And our third and last dog bella she is the only girl out of the dogs but that okay she is very active does not sleep to much and eats alot she eats a lot because she uses it as her energy to play outside with me and yeah that's all about me and my family see you next time.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

woman running

Woman  running im running  a marathon, every muscle in my body is screaming in agony it almost feels like im bathing in my own sweat  my whole body burns with the bright sun glimpsing right within my eyes my whole body is about to fall out and I feel like i'm going to collapse right then and there right in front of me is that beautiful blue visa ribbon  im about to cross it what a miracle everyone is cheering out my name “go camileta go camileta” I just love those words it just gives me all the attention I need to make it. “yay” the crowd cheers as I cross the line I look at the board to see who is first camileta first place it says hallelujah I think I skipped a few heartbeats I got the coldest water dumped all over, and let me tell you  oh man it felt good. 

Friday, 17 November 2017

kates 3d printing design

This is my design for an iphone case. The first thing we had to do was make a box the size of a phone. Then we made a chamfer and fillets on the edges. A chamfer is a straight cornered edge. The fillet edge is a curved corner as you can see on the corners of my design.

 You need a box shape and also you need a cylinder-hole. Next I put the cylinder in the corner then I duplicated the corner x4 and put it on the edge and turned it into a round edge and now it in the shape of a phone case. After we made the case we put holes in it because you need a hole to see the camera.

 They were really confusing to make because you had to get the right shapes and and the right size so it wouldn't be too small. The 3d printers must not have got the design because the first two printings had not worked it had turned into scribbles but jordan's worked. To make this iphone case I had to use the app tinkercad. To use tinkercad you had to control the shapes it was really fun. Thank you to a guy called fashied he taught us how to program and make the designs for the 3d printers. The easiest part was when the 3d printer was printing because I didn't have to program it I just had to watch it.

 The next time I do another 3d printing I will make my phone case with the buttons or I will make a different design and the design will be a rubix cube. For my rubix cube I would make it blue and add colorful stickers because rubix cubes need stickers to solve the rubix cube.

Friday, 22 September 2017

verbal Bullying

Ava, Reagan, Isla and I made a comercial about verbal bullying . we  enterd it into a competition for the best verbal bullying video. we used some key messages like what can you do to make it stop.